ADV is not the expected but rather the FUN in the un-expected

So this big bike has a little tea bag looking thing that works as a fuel filter. If you get a few runs of dirty gas they clog up pretty fast on ya. Before I left on this ride I noticed a little rough idling and thought I will need to watch it. I have and carry a spare filter on the bike so no worries!

The second morning at the red River Scramble Rally I start the bike for a days ride with everyone and it dies ... Oh No? ... I start it again and it dies again. One more try and if it dies I’m staying in camp to trouble shoot it. Well it started and ran fine! I reasoned it was the elevation and that mountain mist the Smokies (next mountain over) are named for.

We are 20 minutes into the ride, I’m sweeping and my engine dies! No one sees me pull over. The computer was flashing “Fuel Pump Failure”. Na, I’m betting its that tea bag fuel filter. So I commence to breaking it down to swap it out and when I finally lift the tank it got that slap in the forehead feeling as it was light as a feather!

You see, one of the recalls on this bike is a faulty fuel gage and mine broke. I was certain I had at least a gallon in there and we were heading straight for a gas station.

One super cool part about it all is Sammy Lance insisted I pack a fuel bottle today. Now there was no reason for that but I thought yea maybe one of these light bikes could run out in the wilderness and this would be nice to have.

Sammy got me to the gas station and Dave Sabo had my back with the no man left behind motto as he was ready to go get a truck if we couldn’t figure it out.

Adventure is not the expected as much as the unexpected ... What a great day, people and ride!

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