Capt'Jon & BairdMan RIDE!

What a good day this turned out to be! The night before I was up hours past my bedtime helping my sister-in-law move. So I told Capt’Jon no way for a ride tomorrow: I’m sleeping in!

Once I woke the weather was perfect for a ride. I texted Jon “Lets Take a Ride?” and NOTHING.

An hour latter (by now it’s 10AM) and Jon says “Lets Take a Ride!”

Wow, one hour and fifteen minutes of interstate pounding away and I’m not even geared up! The scramble begins!

Twenty-four hours earlier, we weren’t sure we could ride as his XR was in the shop getting the carb rebuilt and the valves reseated. So, Jon hits the starter and nope. We got to inspecting it and found that the Acerbis Pet Cocks were flooding the bike.

That is probably the reason the bike went in the shop. No worries, it is what it is right! Plus knowing your new/used bike has a clean carb and seated valves to rely on makes it a true Honda again (reliable)!

So, sitting next to Jon’s bike is his wife’s bike, the ride continues! ... HA!

From Manchester we rode over to Sequatchie taking some nice twisty backroads.

Being a naturally born scout, Jon was wanting to check out a popular Jeepers road in Coppinger’s Cove. Its the same road that the Trials Training Center is off of.

Jon and I had actually been there the weekend before watching and filming the KENDA Tennessee Knockout Enduro Races ... That was a good day indeed!

I gotta admit, I backed us outta there. I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to ride a 500 pound bike over loose rocks the size of grapefruits!

Nope, for me the Jeepers can have that road all to themselves! From there we headed over to Coalmont a Jeepers playground with huge tracts of land set aside for OHV use.

Were not sure if thats still open or not but Jon had a little hidden jewel and that was where we were heading.

On the way it was raining. Naturally we were heading for mud once again; some VERY slippery mud!

No matter where what region you find it in, when your tires don’t go were pointed, its bad and yet FUN! How is that fun, I can’t explain it!

It was a good day, a good ride, every ride without breaking stuff is a good ride right!

... but ...

Every now and then

there is a moment

a fraction of time


the ride

and the day

become perfect!

It was a hill climb right at the end

couldn’t have been more that 20 seconds of riding but it was perfect!

Muddy, slippery but just the perfect slippery where only your rear tire breaks free here and there. It had these water breaks that launched you no more that twelve inches with air between your tires and the ground.

When we both got to the top I told the Capt. that this was it! The whole day was just wrapped up in those 20 seconds of riding.

That is the reason we ride, those moments inside the helmet that slip into a perfect place!

I’m ready to go find the next one ... Lets Take a Ride!

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