Cumberland Plateau South

This small group of seven had an amazing time on the Cumberland South Plateau ride. Capt Jon not shown of course because he was taking the picture!

We started this ride off right with Capt Jon’s Breakfast. Country ham, stone ground grits (from the local Falls Mill), poached eggs from local farm raised chickens, and Johnny Cakes (“Ho” cakes) like my grandma used to make!

The ride was a mix of about 70% asphalt and 30% gravel with beautiful scenery along the way. There were lots of tree covered trails, old houses, creeks, and mountain overlooks.

We even stopped to visit a forgotten civil war cemetery from the 1800’s.

After stopping for lunch, we headed out to climb a steep hill with loose gravel and I had a little problem with my bike. I didn’t know how to turn off the Traction Control or the Wheelie Control, and every time I went up the hill the computer would shut down power trying to compensate for the lean angle. It took me three stubborn attempts before I gave up and slabbed it back!

It took me down on one attempt. It just hurt my pride a little bit!

(I later figured out how to turn traction conrol off. See the description in the link of my video (below) for details on how to set traction and wheelie control on the 2020 Africa Twin).

We all made it back to the campsite between 5:00-5:30pm.

Capt Jon cooked us another nice meal: Roasted red pepper risotto, pan seared steak topped with gorgonzola, basil, and roma melt, and topped with fresh blanched asparagus!

Check out the entire adventure by watching on YouTube at Brian’s Rides: