Dual Sport Motorcycle People are the BEST!

I rarely write Ride Reports as I enjoy telling stories through video but this Adventure Story is worth painting by words.

Dual Sport has got to be one of the BEST recreational sports in the world and yet it has some of the least covered interest and participation. Thats alright tho! Golf, skiing, boating, they have far more participation numerically but there is a really good reason for that. What we do is dangerous! I really don’t know and I don’t want to know how many times I’ve stopped at a gas station and the clerk tells me to be careful out there because motorcycles are dangerous (argh)

So we are a family, we’re large yet small enough that wherever we go, whoever we meet (that’s also RIDING) they are family before the first words are spoken. It just is! I often like to say: “I’ve never met a sour grape at one of the rallies I’ve attended or chance meetings with other riders on the road”.

ADV Rider had a HUGE impact on me in 2009, 2010, 2011. At that time there was a group of around five to seven people that were writing and posting reports that took me back to the wonderment of a child.

I bought a KLR650 and began to explore my part of the world. That was one of the best seasons ever! Five miles an hour thru a three inch deep creek that was seven feet across all solo riding mind you! I stopped on the other side, got off the bike and was high! Standing in the woods, blue skies, I WAS the man!

After a few years of riding the dirt roads of Hickman County I upgraded to a KTM1090 to extend my range and adventures. The “first” week I took it to my first rally ... woohoo! ... and decided to begin chronicling my adventures in video to both share the ride (like so many of my hero’s here on ADV have done) and to have something I can go back and watch during the winter months.

This was that first ride and that first video (the editing learning curve begins) learning and using Final Cut pro is an adventure all by itself by the way :)

I’m calling this “Season Two” in my DS Journey: I began meeting people straight away and rarely ever rode solo again. Plus, video editing became extremely FUN. It gave me something to plan for, a way to tell a story and a more detailed perspective of my day (Riding is focused where as editing lets you look around more). So I began to look for adventures to go on between rallies. One of my first near home ADV seeking rides.

“Season Three” I went on an exploratory ride to check out some tracks for Casey Hampton. He puts on that first Rally I went too and was working on expanding his roads for the next one. Dave S. Briley B. Jon B. Jerry W.B. and myself had volunteered to proof ride them and MAN what a day! The road disappeared, we all began to run out of water and it was HOT! We ended up illegally riding thru a huge swath of private land to get back to a road!

From that ride Jon B. was one of the first guys I started teaming up with to just go “take a ride”. I was calling my journey “I Took The Time To Live” but every time I put together a ride, I was saying: “Lets Take a Ride” and thats were this little group suddenly turned into a family.

Now, Jon B. is a professional photographer, he and I “the hobbyiest” decided to make a long running series out of where this could take us.

It grew FAST, first twelve then twenty and it’s still going! We needed a place to plan Group Rides so I joined FB (HUGE step for me right there guys) and we created Lets take a Ride.

Our first big group ride (not a rally but tracks we put together and sent out an “All Call” inviting everyone, come on, Lets Take a Ride!) was out on the Cumberland Plateau and it was FUN indeed!

From there we put together a group ride in the Catoosa Wildlife management area.

By now its established that we are all returning to that first Rally at the Fall Hallow Campgrounds (Tennessee Dual Sport Rally)

Through it all Jon B. has been that one guy who has made every Group Ride happen by spending just about every free weekend exploring and putting together tracks for our next ride. Dual Sport Adventure Community or “Family” for short!

We call him Capt’Jon now and his bike just took its last ride.

The engine seized and with so many other things needing fixing the cost is higher than just buying a used/new to him bike. Problem is he has to save for it and it won’t be until the end of the next riding season before he rejoins us.

Well, people over on that Group Page have decided to set up a FundRaiser to get this guy who gives everything to everyone else a used/new ride.

Thats the ADV Story I wanted to tell you about. It’s titled: Dual Sport Motorcycle People are the BEST!

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