Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding has many flavors

Different sizes and weights of bikes but mostly its people who are all at different "riding" seasons in their lives.

Speed, enduro, single track, touring, woods, Jeep trails, gravel roads, backroads!

I might be changing.

the Capt' here seems to be plotting a new course!

That's Capt’Jon (otherwise known as Jon Buffington) he has been working on a Big Bike Super Adventure Loop and at first; I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

When I began to edit, I was thinking I would not be able to do it justice as I had no enthusiasm or love for riding Tennessee backroads all day as I "only" ride backroads to get to the Jeep trails and in the woods.

Right? Thats obviously were all the FUN is!

Something happened tho. While culling thru all Jon’s footage and piecing it together. I began to see an aspect of Dual Sport Riding I’ve never embraced before. To simply enjoy the day, the countryside, the people and the ride itself for just what it is.

The Freedom to RIDE!

Before I got to the end of editing I was all about branching off into this new aspect of Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding and that is Dual Sport Touring!


These Loops are going to open up so many possibilities and uncap any cut off for how many riders we can invite for the day!

Oh My ... Lets Go!

Lets Take a Ride!

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