Festival Of Tents


All three campgrounds are working with us to accommodate up to 200 riders.

Jon B & Tammy B ... have a TICKET’s TO RIDE!

Richard J ............................... has a TICKET TO RIDE!

Shawn H ................................ has a TICKET TO RIDE!

Kyle A .................................... has a TICKET TO RIDE!

David B ................................. has a TICKET TO RIDE!

Terry F .................................. has 2 TICKET'S TO RIDE!

Kenneth Q ............................ has a TICKET TO RIDE!

Jeremy B .............................. has a TICKET TO RIDE!

David D .... RSVPed GOING

Cody D .... RSVPed GOING

Tim S .... RSVPed GOING

Terry F .... RSVPed GOING

Sarah Beth H .... RSVPed GOING

Hunter B ... RSVPed GOING

Salty D ... RSVPed GOING

Steven ... RSVPed GOING

Verla P ... RSVPed GOING


Andre L, Andy S, Matt R, Benjamin O, Ben K, Billy B, Bill F

Bill S, Brad S, Brian F, Brian S, Briley B, Daniel H, Charlie P

Chris S, Darrell B, David C, Dominic M, Donnie H, Elizabeth NC

Freddy W, Gary B, Gene F, Giorgio T, Gj Bodhi A, Harley C, Hunter B

Jake E, Jay M, Jay W, Jeffrey RB, Joe D, Joe V, John D, Johnny C

Josh C, Judy LH, Kenneth Q, Kevin M, Kyle P, Luke M, Marc O’C

Michael B, Michael BK, Nathan W, Neil F, Nick T, Patti BH, Penny O

Rich K, Scott W, Seth R, Shanna P, Renee TM, Rich V, Rob L, Rob V

Robbie CP, Ron B, Russ W, Ryan M, Shanna P, Scott C, Scott K, Scott W

Siegfried F, Stephanie CA, Taver KL, Todd L, Tyler T, Verla P, Zach M

This is going to be a spectacular ride folks! Rider support truck all 4 days, different camp site every night, all logistics with lodging and trip planning already covered, fees all inclusive minus food and gas, your luggage/gear transported and waiting for you at next site so you can travel light on the bike, freedom to ride your own ride vs being put in a group with leaders/sweepers determining pace and rest stops, gpx routes provided which have been pre run and tested for maximum enjoyment...all at the cost of 1 day hotel and food. What's not to love? I hope to see you all on the trails at at the campsite. This one is not to be missed!

Wednesday Night Fall Hollow Campgrounds and B&B / 1329 Columbia Hwy, Hohenwald, TN 38462.

Thursday Night Buffalo River Resort Campgrounds / 3520 North Highway 13, Lobelville, TN 37097.

Friday Night Heartstone Campgrounds / 200 Toll Hollow Rd, Waynesboro, TN 38485.

Saturday Night Battleground Campgrounds / 69 Jordan Rd, Tennessee 38376.

Then Back To Fall Hollow B&B Campgrounds for extraction. RV’s, Campers and other Big Rigs staging from Fall Hollow will need to make arrangements with the campgrounds to leave your rigs there while you are gone. All Trucks with Utility Trailers that tow in bikes are covered in the Event Registration for Tent Camping and secure parking while we are riding.


Thursday 1st    DAY ONE 140 +/- MILES

Friday 2nd        DAY TWO 130 +/- MILES

Saturday 3rd    DAY THREE 143 +/- MILES

Sunday 4th       DAY FOUR 160 +/- MILES

Gear Transported. Keep it light guys, think TAT! Bring what the average person packs in Panniers and on their bike for a TAT Adventure.

Extraction & Roadside Assistance. If assistance is given you will be taken to the nearest Gas Station or the next Campsite on Route where you can fix your bike or arrange for a pick up.

GPS Tracks.

AMA Sanctioned Ride.

AMA Fully Insured.

AMA categorizes this as a Ride, NOT a Rally. Everyone feeds themselves! Two out of four campgrounds are little more than a field with bathhouses.

Daily, kickstands up at 9AM! I will be pulling out shortly there after. If you miss the truck you will be responsible for transporting your own gear to the next Campsite!

These are County Roads and we are ambassadors to the sport! (Pull out from camp in groups at safe speeds keeping the noise down, common sense will do!). Only Registered, Insured Bikes with Valid Drivers License and Appropriate Riding Gear on this one guys! This is not a Hair On Fire Ride!

There are NO REFUNDS! Why? Well, we are prepaying, spending and renting a lot of things out of our own pockets to make this all happen for everyone and I can't get it back! So, if you commit and pay, your money, will be spent "on you" in advance. If you then cancel for any reason, THATS ON YOU!

Lets Have FUN! Lets Take a Ride!


Tickets on sale now! $85.00 per person ... Lets Take a Ride! This one is gonna be FUN!

Check out some of the videos in these PLAYLISTS to see a few of the roads we will be riding. These are all "Scouting Missions" so not all you see here will will make it into the finished GPS Tracks ... I have one full day (the second day) to continue proof riding and I want to re-ride Day one before I make the tracks public on letstakearide.com (Tracks should be up in a month or two for downloading) ... This is for Big GSA's and Little 250's it's about FUN!