First week of 2019

I didn't see this coming 61 degrees and sunny

So, Casey Hampton who lives just down the road from me posts up on his group that theres an open invite to take a ride Sunday. It’s January here in Tennessee, the first weekend of the new year and whats so out of the ordinary is the weather is perfect for a ride!

Jerry, Steve and Ronnie are riding their KLR’s down from West Tennessee and grabbing a room in an INN the day before and I'm heading out to join them.

now, its been raining for days, the creeks are numerous and the Tennessee River is currently 8 feet above flood levels.

I lost count of how many creeks we had to cross but each one was about three times as wide and deep as they usually are!

This was just a one day ride but I think I've got enough video footage that its going to take me a week to go thru it all.

This should be FUN!

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