FUN, we began this with that in mind and it has been!

Here we are coming full circle to one of the first group rides we’ve ridden together. The Catoosa Wildlife Management Area.

There were ten of us last year and with many of the same riders we just might be returning with fifteen this year.

FAMILY ... That is what this sport has come to mean to me.

I guess its seasons for everyone. The first being when all you could think about was actually riding instead of what you were doing. At work, drifting off to an amazing stretch of road with the nicest rest spot that most people in the world will never see.

The second being when your feeling more confident in your riding skills. What you have been doing just doesn’t satisfy and you begin to search the internet for that next level of challenge.

For me, the third leaving the solo excursions behind and joining other riders. Which changes the sport into a completely new discovery of FUN all together.

The fourth (four Seasons) finding that everyone in this sport is FAMILY and the riding takes second seat. RIDE, Lets Take a Ride, yep thats it, top shelf but riding with your family has somehow become the main motivator to make the next ride happen

Yepper, I am looking forward to this ride!

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