I put this together as a gift to the DS Community. Specifically with the bigger displacement bikes in mind. For the most part, these are mostly Well Maintained Graded Dirt Roads that parallel HWY's that connect small towns across the country. It's more of a Scenic Touring Ride than anything else! The focus is on Rural Country Dirt Roads and the FS Dirt Roads in between.

As I'm writing this NOBODY has ridden it yet! As a community I am asking that we make it a great ride by sharing our discovered information about it. Let me know what you find and I'll make changes as the Journey unfolds. I'll be printing up some maps to carry along with information thats helpful to Adventure Riding and not readily available to offline mapping apps or for those unexpected electronic failures.

Enjoy the Ride! Share the Ride! Lets Take a Ride!

THIS video is not from the ride but rather part of the beginning preparations to ride it! In the Fall, I plan on getting out there and seeing it for myself. Be sure to check back in on this blog as its an ongoing ride! Lets Take a Ride!



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