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GRAT / The Graded Road ADV Tour Is Active

The link to the GPX files are found here on our HOME page at the top.

This all began a few winters back. I got bored thinking about rides and started piecing a big one together for the following Spring. Over the following years I took three day weekends to ride it. Mississippi took the longest, I'd make the perfect route and when I got there, it wasn't what I expected. Like a diamond, at first it's covered up. Then you find it, it's a keeper.

Tennessee was a lot easier (I live here) as I had help from Jon Buffington and a whole lot of other riders.

LBL / Land Between The Lakes was pretty easy as it's an island almost, you can't get lost and if you do, it doesn't take long to find your way back to the main road.

Missouri is one I've never ridden but the roads up there are almost all residential. I have no doubt those are open year around.

Arkansas was the biggest challenge for me as the drive time and vacation times I could work off never worked out for me. I ended up going to Rallies instead of scouting. I met Glen Comeaux at one of our rallies and he volunteered to ride the Arkansas area as he lives there.

Glen is working on his own project to find dirt roads in every county of his state, so this worked out as the GRAT ran through a few he had not ridden yet.

I think Glen found two roads that are now gated and one that was advanced for skill level riding. These have been re-routed and Arkansas from border to boarder is done. First AR GRAT RIDER is 'Glen Comeaux'. Thanks Glen.

Here a little from his ride:

This was a turn around due to deep, soft, freshly graded roads. I'm keeping this one in the tracks as it will be packed down soon enough. Graders in many counties, go through all their roads, then do it again on a scheduled circuit. Less traveled roads are monitored and graded when needed.

This is Jonny Cash's first cousin who was cleaning up around the family property

Two gated roads:

One turn around because things were getting intense.

Glen had some help, so we have another name to add to the list of 'First Riders.

Corey Baker rode day one, and two of three days. Thanks Corey.

Day four with two more GRAT riders >

Brett Vaughn

Glen said he imagines the Arkansas State Line in the South, heading North to Malvern is a good days ride. Then from Malvern to the Magazine Mountain area would be a full days ride.

Note the seat on this T7. That's a game changer right there.

It rained on day one while they were at lunch. Afterwards Glen advised that some riders on the bigger bikes might find certain roads impassable. There's no way of knowing until you get there.

A huge thank you to Glen Comeaux for taking a chance on us, and spending his time taking a look at these tracks. Jon Buffington and I need to get a can of Sardines and mail the can key over to ya. You opened the GRAT up for the rest of us Glen.


Now, on the same day Glen Comeaux is up around Missouri, Glen Klatwitter takes off riding the Tennessee side of the GRAT. I asked him what he thinks about it so far and he said,

"So far I'm impressed, it keeps you looking for the fun stuff. Better then mid Atlantic BDR for sure."

WOW, says I.

Glen ran into the first gated road in Mississippi. It was a simple work around and it's good to go.

Mississippi is very unique in that you enter a Southern Louisiana kind of terrain on the Northern section of the state, then you hit the dry, pine forest area, back into something altogether different.

This is day 4 for Glen Comeaux and day 1 for Glen Klatwitter.

More to come.

This blog will get added to all year long. Next year 2025, we'll start another long running blog.

Very cool that we have two opposing Glen's as pathfinders for the riders who will surely follow.

As you give feedback, we will update and add to this.

Glen Comeaux suggested the: So Live So Ride Moto Ranch as a possible camping location in the Arkansas portion of your ride.

I'm suggesting Noah's Landing in the Tennessee portion of your adventure.

These have been updated to the tracks.

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Jun 23

It was great to ride with Glen and be one of the first to ride the south Arkansas section. It’s definitely on my list to ride the route in its entirety. Thanks to all who put in the effort on creating the route!

Corey Baker

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