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July Early Mornings

Knowing that it doesn't climb to the maximum temperatures until around 5PM-ish; this out and back to catch a fish in the mornings is pretty nice!

Now that was the third trip out & since I've gone back twice more.

The fourth trip out the door I stayed close to home and went back to the holes I fished as a younger man. This to insure a catch as the first three day trips I got skunked!

Things change though! Not the fish but places. I couldn't get to my holes as they were all water dog parks now. The Dog Days of Summer Indeed.

I did get to take a ride & bonus I got to hear the exhaust on this twin turbo!

So out and back a fifth time to finally catch a fish (Fish-4 David- 0)

I remembered I group ride I went on a few years back that had great potential for holding some Small Mouth & Large Mouth Bass. I mapped it out and pinned about eight possible fishing hole near by in case it was a bust.

Had a Bumble Bee try to make a nest behind my battery pack. That was FUN.

All In All It Was a Good Day!

I hooked a FISH! .... Got to ride & I gleaned a pretty good Idea of where to go next & Take Another RIDE!