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Lets Take a Ride Events for 2023

We at Lets Take a Ride are heading out to take as many rides as we can get in, in 2023! The One Public Ride we are working on for 2023 will be in this coming Fall. Lets Have Some FUN!

In the past few years we have been hosting Spring & Fall rides out of Fall Hollow Resort Campgrounds and B&B ( Great People out there and they're always ready to take care of any riders looking to ride a loop or two from their property! Definitely give them a call when you are heading that way!

Roads featured in those Event Rides have been compiled into a one day loop using the best roads in that area we could compress into a reasonable one day ride for the average Adventurer. We encourage you guys to go check it out! This loop is finally on Avenza Maps and here on LTaR for purchase.

On these same roads. For 2023 we are going to the TENNESSEE MOTORCYCLES & MUSIC REVIVAL at LORETTA LYNN’S CAMPGROUNDS

I Hope All You Guys Can Make It!

Support The Sport & Have Some FUN Doing It!

Picture taken by Justin R Edelman

This is hosted by Harley Davidson (Contact: Shawn Wells at White Lightning Harley Davidson. 7720 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37421)

This event will have riding on Loretta Lynn's property and these County Dirt Roads. Now, we who have ridden these roads can attest they are awesome!

TM&MR will have their own tracks for download.

Make sure you read carefully for Dual Sport Ride as there are a lot of ticket options.

Looking For: VIP group motorcycle ride on Friday, May 19. Kickstands 10:30 am Ranch Entry.

Some of you guys have been with us from the beginning! Every ride, you attended! Huge Thanks! You are the people who have kept us growing! We are now hosting a Rally out of Tellico Plains Tennessee called Lets Take a Ride Eastern Rendezvous every October 5th -8th 2023. This year it will be the first week of the month as that will probably perfect temps for tent camping on the property. Could not, would not be here if it weren’t for you guys! Thanks!

This year we at LTaR are taking a riding trip to as many events and rallies we can possibly attend. A vacation from the work of putting them on and going to have some FUN!

Hope to see you this year out there!

Come join us if you can at 801 Steer Creek Rd. Tellico Plains, TN.

October 5th-8th for our Annual LTaR Eastern Rendezvous!

Tickets on sale shortly after March 2023.


Side Note: Local Riders, I personally recommend that you look into The BMW Motorcycle Club of Nashville. I met these guys and rode with them recently at their annual Polar Bear Ride out of Franklin, Tn. It’s a well organized group & a great group of people!

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