Little River Adventure Company - Canyon Xplor I

When David Baird posted that he was going to the Little River Adventure Company (LRAC) in Fort Payne, AL, I new that I wanted to join him on that ride. I had seen several posts from the owner, Giorgio Terregrosa about the Canyon Xplor I event sponsored by Destination Yamaha, and I knew that it would offer a new riding experience surrounded by beautiful scenery.

I decided to trailer my bike down and save my energy for the trails. I arrived on Friday, May the 7th around lunch time to visit with Giorgio and the staff at LRAC as they were setting up for the big event.

Giorgio treated me like a local and showed me around the place. I picked out a nice campsite after I unloaded my bike and explored the site while waiting on David to arrive.

Once David arrived and got settled in, a few of us set out to take a ride. We took some of the trails on our own since Giorgio was having to spend quality time with the 2 Yamaha Corporate representatives (Derrick and Phillip) that rode in on their Ténéré 700s to support the event for Destination Yamaha.

We ended up taking some trails that had a lot of large size gravel that was very loose and it was not the most fun of rides. When we got back to camp, we decided we would go out with Giorgio the next day so he could show us the best spots.

That evening, LRAC provided food and entertainment with a live band and a campfire. We all sat around the campfire fire and enjoyed the time in anticipation of the raffle.

When it was time for the raffle, David won a skid plate for a T7, and I just won a Yamaha beanie hat! That is ok, because it kept me warm that night as the temperature dropped down to 37 degrees! There raffle had some really good prizes to include a set of T7 panniers, and everyone ended up winning something.

The next morning after a good nights rest, we set out for a ride led by Giorgio. At first, the ride was more scenic than technical. We got to see the Little River from the top of a bluff lookout, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the Little River Canyon National Preserve. We enjoyed several creek crossings, and got to see some horses on the trail as it got a little more technical and challenging towards the end.

We had a really great ride that day and met a lot of great folks that attended the event. I know that I will definitely be back for another visit!

Be sure to watch the entire adventure on my YouTube channel at Brian’s Rides, and checkout the interview with Giorgio (@ time stamp 14:26) to find out more about Little River Adventure Company.

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