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This was a much needed vacation with bike in tow, the drive up was even a welcome change from being indoors over these past winter months. Once again, loaded up heading out for an adventure, feels good!

GS Giants sponsors this Rally and they do a great job! If you've never been I highly recommend it!

David Mays over at aMAYSing life ( took what I believe to be the very best aerial picture of this Rally!

I got to tag along with White Lightning Harley Davidson Friday on a guided ride which was awesome! I teamed up with Marcus Kilgore (check out his podcast) and I become one of the official Film Crew Members for the day (Super Cool)!

The Daily Biker Podcast

Some of that footage made it into this video

Good Times, FUN and plenty of laughter. Hope to see you guys on the same property for the LTaR Eastern Rendezvous October 5th through the 8th!

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