New Season, new beginnings, more FUN!

We are well into the 2019 riding season now and summer is nigh ahead. This past week I did some reflecting on the year so far and what it to come. What better place than here to share that with everyone.

2018 saw the formation of Let's Take a Ride with plans for 2019. Like all plans, changes are to be expected but welcome. The formal plan was to schedule some group rides throughout the year as well as mix in some rallies, informal get gatherings and scouting routes for 2020. This along with other projects in mind and works provide plenty to look forward to and keep the creative juices flowing. Most importantly, I believe we are ALL looking forward to having some more FUN!

The season kicked off with an epic, yet difficult early March ride. We had tentatively set the date at a time when we hoped riding conditions would be slightly improved. However, El Nino had other plans for us. This was an epic ride in so much that we had epic proportions of every type of mud/clay imaginable. Red clay, white clay, green clay and straight up nasty mud coupled with "hill" climbs totaling over 1000' of elevation gain and equal descents. This led us up and down the Cumberland Plateau along the TN/AL line. Followed up just a month later the annual TN Dual Sport Southern Discovery Rally over in Hohewald TN. Another nasty, wet weekend (thanks El Nino!) but all had a blast despite foul weather. A group of us elected to do self guided on Saturday and Sunday and what an experience it was! High speed fun in the mud coupled with numerous (50+ on Saturday) creek crossings had huge grins spread across our weary bodies. The Red River Scramble was last weekend with many of our core group going while myself has been out scouting future rides and trying to get our June ride together. I managed to do a Cinco de Mayo trail ride (again, thanks El Nino for the mud!) with some excellent trail side tacos in North GA that was fun and introduced me to some new folks. It has been a productive riding season so far!

Coming up in the future, we have our June ride with our core group, another ride in late Aug/Early Sept, fall rally in early October and from there is anyone's guess (though I am tentatively putting together what I think will be a dual sport ride of epic proportions!). Along with plans for the future, who knows what other plans LTaR (lets take a ride) has in store!? You all have seen our ride videos, hopefully on our FB page and there are behind the scenes talk about some exciting things to come...maybe next year. We shall see but I have seen a big growth in camaraderie, fellowship, fun and making new friends happen with TN Dual Sport riders and those in surrounding states. FUN!

If you haven't visited our FB page, please do and join in on the fun!

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