Red River Scramble

This is a 4 day camp and ride I got to do last weekend. I had heard about it the previous two years but couldn’t make it. Man I wanted to go so bad, so when I knew I was going to make it this year I was like a kid before Christmas leading up to it. I was packed two weeks out for it!

One thing I’ve noticed about Dual Sport riders at rallies is that they sure do love their ADV Dogs. This is good indeed as thats what my wife asks for when I get home, its not let me see the ride. It’s let me see all the pictures of the babies (dogs).

Every rally/ride I go on is always the best one I’ve ever been too and this one did not disappoint. The paved roads were like the Tail Of The Dragon in the Appalachians and the dirt was extremely challenging yet doable on the bigger bikes ... A perfect weekend of riding!

This barn was so cool! I had no idea it was there, we are trudging up and down stair steps with mud in between and BOOM! I suddenly see a barn sitting in the road! Literally the road goes right thru the barn! That was just Nice!!!

This is the third year that Drew Faulkner put this rally on and the sponsors really came thru! There was so much being given away that I don’t think one person holding a raffle ticket didn’t get their number called ... and ... When they went up it was a choice “pick what you want from this pile or that stack! ... I gave Sammy’s wife Valorie my ticket and she won something on both of them!

There were yellow roads, green, blue and RED roads ... Oh my, the red roads averaged one hour per one mile ... So Much FUN!

I met some really cool people on this rally! This is Will here, he knew the area and led us down those Red Roads. One of them was considered to be the hardest road on the KAT (Kentucky Adventure Trail). it was so much FUN. We got back to camp exhausted and yet Krey Kenny told me seeing our tired lit up smiling faces rolling in was one of his favorite moments of the rally.

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