Red River Scramble

I’m usually so wiped out after these rides that I pull my bike in the garage and wash it a couple days later. I never look forward to the cleaning but this time I was pleased to find that Daniel Boone MUD is so much easier than Land Between The Lakes and Northern Alabama mud. Those took three washings and this only one.

I definitely want to go back and ride this with my friends that didn’t get to see it! Wording, “ride it” would be expected but this place was different indeed!. The sights every ten feet were were jaw confusing to the brain. The first rest stop someone looked up and saw an amazing rock structure, I turned around there was another.

Every time I took my eyes off the road to look left or right into the woods there was something that made me want to stop. I told one person It was like a national park where you pay to go see one spectacular sight.

The difference being in those you deal with traffic, look for a parking spot, walk with the crowds a half mile or more to see something and this was just strown everywhere. It was like a warehouse of the sights those didn’t deem top shelf enough and got stacked up out there.



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