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2020 went by pretty fast! Once again, I don’t think I rode nearly enough. (Does anybody ever feel like they get to ride enough??) On a brilliant note, we've managed to plan seven event RIDES for 2021! Get ready for a fun year.


Have you ever found yourself wondering about certain outdoorsy jobs, like ones that have people driving 4x4 trucks along power-lines?

I remember being a kid, looking out the window as Mom or Dad were driving, staring into the woods and BOOM, there's a guy driving a work truck through there. What a dream!

I used to think, "It's a job - he's gets to be in the woods all day every day!"

And now I get to do it myself and bring others with me - all for fun!

Hopping on the bike... going on a ride to map, explore, re-route...

... and choreograph the times & tempo... it's uniquely tasking and yet at the end of the day it is extremely rewarding & FUN.

We have all ridden solo for the sake of a solo escape and then with friends for the sake of FUN. Riding with others becomes about the people you ride with and the great times you all have together.


Seasons come and go without permission... That's both annoying and cool at the same time! This off-season, Jon, Josh, Isabel and myself are building rides for everyone to enjoy!

NOVEMBER 15TH SCOUTING RIDE: These videos and pictures are from our investigation of the dirt road opportunities for our upcoming LetsTakeaRide@FallHollow event. I posted up an “All Call” in the Facebook group and BOOM, a few friends showed up to help out. We met at Fall Hollow & rode the Friday section of the event.

I’m glad we did! Dirt roads via satellite on a computer sitting at home versus flying around a perfect countryside on two wheels in the sunshine. It’s a rarity to find these quality roads while just out riding, but hard to gage their fun from above!

The first three hours of the ride... I had a lot of pavement planned that turned out to be way too much pavement. The dirt roads in that area were spectacular to ride... until we suddenly had to halt at a dead end.

In the new and improved route, before the pavement grows long, there’s dirt under the tires. When the dirt is in jeopardy of becoming mundane, we're then on blacktop twisties. Before hunger sneaks up, we’re looking for tables large enough to seat everyone. And for the smaller bikes... Yep, we've gotta plan those gas stops!

The way it's set up, everyone should make it back to camp before they get too tired to have a good time around the campfire in the evening! Nothing beats a good dose of story-telling from the day's ride.

The stories from the ride are written into history.

Hearing the experiences across the variety of groups (all of the riders find their groups through the day per their preferred pace, from casual riding to hair-on-fire), is a great time.

This ride is now READY TO GO...


I’ve ridden a lot out there and have collected buckets of information on these roads. So a tweak here and a change there, and there it is!

It’s ready to go now!

Let's Take a Ride!

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