Starting The Ride Long Before We Get There

Many people think of Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders as the young ones with superman complexes.

This is far from the truth as 40, 50, 60 and even people in their 70’s are those who make up the national average in this group of riders. Now, what won’t surprise you is that many of us actually have some sort of personal exercise program to keep riding for as long as we possibly can.

Me, for one I hate exercise and would most likely be sitting down but I love the ride too much! Yep, I’m working out. No, not nearly enough but enough to appreciate what one of my newest friends does for a living.

This past weekend was the second time I've had the honor of riding with this young lady.

You rarely meet people of this caliber and its definitely a good thing to recognize it when you do!

On this ride, I asked her what she did for a living and it turns out that she is a ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach. She holds a 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and again is an instructor!

She also provides social media, postcards, flyers, custom web presentation decks and a whole lot more for businesses and indivduals.

Now heres the thing that ties in specifically with Lets Take a Ride. Those words mean so many different things to each person that rides, so much so that its impossible to properly explain to those who don’t! One, is doing whatever it takes in the off time to make it to the next ride!

Like me, If you’ve have ever considered using a personal trainer then make no mistake about it, is a Top Shelf choice among choices!

Plus, this lady can seriously ride!

One of the questions I asked her that day was who are your customers:

A: I work with all sorts of individuals from age 16 to 65 currently. I work with those who want their physical ability never to be a limiting factor on their enjoyment of whatever they pursue in life, whether it be adventure riding on a 600-lb bike or taking care of a sick family member. More often than not, time is spent reversing the effects of sitting or whatever repetitive motions they've committed to via a sport or hobby.

Q: I’ve read that more than 90% of all athletic related injuries are due to the fact that they didn’t stretch beforehand. What are the top benefits you see for what we do! Riding Motorcycles!

A: Muscles have to be warm to work their best; in fact, there's an exact temperature at which this is true. Warming the muscles up by engaging them in motions by which they are fully and smoothly extended and contracted, such as a steady leg swing for the muscles through the hips, is crucial to get them all working together. Without warming the muscles, you're pretty much running a cold engine at high speeds.

Q: I know your a certified fitness instructor holding 2 black belts but for those of us who don’t have the time or even desire to become an all out athlete. Is there a way you could help them put something together that would greatly benefit them?

A: Yes, despite the images and intensity that gyms and fitness professionals portray, there's actually no need of becoming an all out athlete. Functionality is the most important goal! As long as you have the stamina, mobility, and strength to find ease in whatever your unique daily activities are, then you’re set! To do that, replicate movements you do in your daily life and challenge them at higher intensities and longer durations, whither at a gym our in the convenience of your own home. By doing so, your body adapts to the greater challenges and will find lesser physical stresses easy. I'm periodically adding all sorts of helpful exercises and stretches on my Instagram page so by all means, check in and say hi. I’d be more than happy to work with anyone in tailor making a program to fit their goals.

Yep, I’ve seen this lady ride and she is very, very good indeed! (Yellow Helmet)

I’m convinced she could coach anyone at any level in technique and whats more important in being physically prepared for the Next Ride!

I highly recommend as an individual or even if I were running a adventure company that had a Certified Riding Instructor,

there is no doubt,

In a nano-second!

I would improve that company by hiring to be its Personal Trainer & Health Coach Instructor for myself and my clients!

Look her up guys,

look her up ladies,

tell her I sent Ya!

(support those in this family who support us)

and Elevate Your Ride!

See You Guys Out There ... and if you see a lady with a yellow helmet and blue pants on a Honda ... your in good company!

All Photos provided by Isabel @

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