Photos By: Josh Cushing

Video by: Jon Buffington & David Baird

Why that name? It seems we've been looking around down here at this COVIS 19 mess long enough!

This pandemic has messed up a lot of riding plans for a lot of us across the country and across the world for that matter!

Plans, gotta have a new one!

The rallies I was scheduled to go to and the one I was sponsoring are pretty much off the table for me.


Figured it out!

Jon and I are going to go proof this 900 mile loop I put together (probably closer to 1ooo) and along the way we are going to set up shots instead of just keeping the helmet cameras rolling from start to finish all day.

We'll take some breaks and Vlogg a bit to go along with Jon's new Podcast ...

Its a plan thats gonna keep us out there and I'm looking forward to it ... Just need this COVIS 19 to go fly a kite, jump in a lake, fizzle out, disappear, go away!

To Ride or Not To Ride (not even a question) WE RIDE!

Jon and I won’t be running our camera’s all day as we have in the past. When we notice a great stretch of road or scenic area we’ll stop, turn back and set up a shot.

Multiple stops actually; to aid in the building of Cap’tJon’s Podcast by letting him Vlogg at different spots here and there.

We're Not Pulling Back .... We Are Turning Up The Quality!

This day this ride was my fastest ride ever!

Don't laugh, it is a huge achievement for those of us who always are in the back.

I don't have any plans to continue this pace in the future it was just one of those days.

One where everything just clicked between me, the bike, the ground, the tires trying to hold onto the ground ....

Near Perfect Day it was Nice!

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