DS Perspective ...

NOTE: My camera fell off my helmet at around 60MPH so all of the action footage and pictures will be slightly blurred, also the internal gimbal is broken.

I kept filming not knowing if it was even writing to the card and I’m glad I did! The ride is always FUN but getting to see it from an air conditioned view without all the sweat, without the 95 degree temperatures (& humidity) is FUN as well! Its like two rides in one really as I always see so much more on the camera than I did while surviving out there :)

Thats Someones Driveway BairdMan! ... Come on Mr. Steve, they ain't calling this the STRSS ride for nothing & I really, really think you should take point ... hehehe

Steve and I got in trouble here! We went down, down ever down until we could not turn around ... Then we realized we were going to have to ride up that roller coaster hill on the other side to get out! ... (I think I remember Steve fussing at me more than once for getting us into that predicament)... I literally started a mental survival inventory of our water and Cliff bars to make it thru the night!

After I came around the corner at the bottom of the hill and realized we didn't have to climb the WORST hill climb of my life! ... I was wishing I would have been a bit more brave and courageous just 10 minutes earlier ... I was up there looking down in the valley with thoughts like ("Were not gonna make it outta here" ... "What are we gonna do" ... "A’Oh were in trouble"... " We are survival camping")

I was thinking about Capt'Jon. Its always good to have one of those guys on a ride with ya! That guy with no fear who forges thru any obstacle to find the way to safety ... Steve had fifty pounds of gear in his panniers (maybe fifty in each!). So after weighing our options we decided he should wait and I go down in the valley to check it out (not knowing if I could even turn around). I literally thought, we need the Capt' as I was a reluctant HERO at best, putting life and bike in jeopardy and all! ... However, I felt a little proud wearing his boots for the day .... HE CAN HAVE THEM BACK NOW!

We Made It Home For The Night ... WooHoo! :)

Perspective ... FUN

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