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Tenere 700 Quick Look


So Josiah T. posts an invite on FB Let's Take a Ride Group: "Will be hitting the Iron Gap tomorrow if anyone wants to tag along. It’s a huge trail system in Winchester, TN."

Capt’Jon responds: "Been to Iron Gap several times. I may be interested in joining u..."

The details begin to flow: meet up, kickstands up, & a ride is on!

I rode with Cap’t down there two weeks back but we spent our time avoiding this hero stuff for an upcoming event that will full of paved twisties & gravel roads (with a hero section or two thrown in for those who can't resist).

I’ve also ridden these mountain dirt roads that they were on (KTM1090r), and until I get a lighter bike, I’m not doing it again! LOL.

When it rains, this place becomes too slippery for words to explain! You might say “I’ve ridden for fifty years, I know what you are talking about” I’m thinking, "um no!"... LOL!

Here, Josiah was on the much-talked-about Tenere 700. We are all interested to see how it handles in this region of the country (TN, KY, AL).

I’ve never heard the Cap’t say he wants a heavy bike for off-roading until now! Guy’s, that’s HUGE!

Now, you and I both know there are no perfect anythings in the Earth. Dual Sport Motorcycles are consistently filling that bill. Just look at the aftermarket list of ways to improve each one of them.

However, I am under the impression this bike will one day be compared to the KLR650 which for decades ruled as the reliable go-to bike! The Tenere 700 still needs to prove itself, but from the start, it's already far forward in that race. Reliability needs time to show it's truth but everything else it needs to begin with... it seems to already have!

We’ll see!



In this video, I had to scrub thru it multiple times to figure out what made Capt'Jon drop it... I think I finally saw it. He got focused on the water in his right boot just before the video starts. That focus caused the wandering until finally this rock kicked his front tire LT... Pushing thru loose gravel and over steering RT - I think?????


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