The Hill

This was an Impromptu ride Capt'Jon put together a couple weeks back.

This is so much more in person! Video, pictures, they just don't get it! They always miss how steep and how loose the rocks are under your tires.

When you are on the uphill side riding a bike down the fall away view into a steep, deep valley messes with your head!

Courage is going even tho fear is present!

Courage is going even tho falling down is highly probable!

It is going anyways; even when you know somebody is filming the whole thing ... LOL!

Sometimes, you get a mature rider who never shows it! Who makes everything look easy and does it on a bike thats twice as heavy as any other bike in the pack ... (however, it still takes courage)!

There are those out there who can ride KLR650's and BMW GSA 1200's off road like a little woods bike. Me, personally I have only met two of them Kyle Pendergrast and Tyler Trimmer. It just is! Some people have advanced skills but whats super cool about it is they don't boast about it. They're just out having FUN with the rest of us!

Courage coupled with wisdom is getting off a bike and walking it when everybody is watching you!

The only draw back is it usually requires twice the work but followed by a great sense of accomplishment. Cancelling the work as this stays with you longer than just having ridden it down. (only those who have been there will understand this) LOL.

Courage is multiplied somehow when its a woman on a bike in the woods on a downhill meat grinder. Do women that do this have more courage than men? Yes I believe they do!

It is not a sport for everyone! For for those who do it its one of the best! Courage, adrenaline, scenery, fellowship and believe it or not peaceful in a most unexplainable way


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