What Tire Did You Bring

Each time we go on these Group Rides we find the terrain to be challenging.

More often than not its a muddy mess as we usually all show up a day after a torrential downpour

In the beginning we all had a healthy mix of 60/40 80/20 Street/Dirt tires but as time goes by

We are seeing less and less street and more dirt oriented Dual Sport tires.

Of course the man we call SuperDan laughs as he passes us all on his 50/50 tires.

Its a dance between selecting the right DOT certified rubber and please get me up that greasy, muddy hill without dropping my 500 pound bike :)

These group rides are not weekly so that gives everybody plenty of time to burn-em-down. I find it comical, as we are beginning to schedule our new tire purchases a few days before meeting again.

I guess

I could end the madness of searching for

that perfect DS tire

and take up


Na, this is just too much


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