Why Do We Ride ... It's Really Hard To Explain ... FUN!

I saw somewhere someone trying to define adventure and they said its the unexpected things you come across on any journey ... I like that one as it doesn't require a Jeep or a motorcycle ... It covers everyone!

Dual Sport, has anyone define that one yet!

Its a niche! In the grand we are few who choose this flavor of danger for reward.

Dogmatic! Yes indeed we are! I don't think there is one definition we all can agree on.

One day, I saw a huge GS1200 out at Puckett's of Leiper's Fork. I was on my new KLR650 and WOW what a work of engineering art! I walked over with excitement like a kid at the fair. This bike had every possible aftermarket item you could buy and the rider as well. His riding gear probably cost as much as my KLR and the aftermarket parts surely could bought a used car in my hands.

Being new to the sport you can imagine my excitement. I was surly meeting a Ewan Mcgregor or a Charlie Borman here. I asked where he rode as I was having a difficult time finding places. He said he didn't ride off road. Great, I can actually help SuperMan here as I know of a place called the Dirt Devil just 20 minutes away.

I began telling him about it.

Until he yelled at me.

"NO, this bike never goes off road, go away and leave me alone"

Shocked, I went and sat back down in front of Puckett's Grocery and wondered! Then it dawned on me that Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding wasn't the same for everybody ...

Photo provided by: 75Bronco

Next, I met some guys to ride with and one of them invited me to go out to Prentice Cooper. He had a light DS and absolutely loved woods riding and single track. I couldn't keep up! On a simple incline, I dropped the bike and was too tired to pick it up. Later at one trail, he told me to wait for him as he would come back for me after he rides up to explore the top of a mountain. He never invited me back and I could not blame him. Super nice guy but I didn't want to ride with him as it wasn't my skill level and it wasn't fun.

Photo provided by: 75Bronco

There are heavy bikes, middle weight bikes and light bikes.

So, three categories,


Not so!

There are different skill levels, terrains, regional trail systems and a myriad of reasons people have for riding!

One group is the grown ups who once raced in their youth. Often trailering light street legal dirt bikes to places like the LBL200 where they whip up a little competition between friends.

Photo provided by: 75Bronco

Another is those who watched The Long Way Around and decided to learn to ride and go on adventure. I love that group! Thats what happened to me with the exception that I had already learned on a dirt bike as a kid.

Photo provided by: 75Bronco

There are those who ride great distances to rallies where they spend a few days camping and talking with old friends. Making new ones all while viewing the carnival of activities they paid for.

There have been attempts to define Dual Sport Riding but most leave out those who see it differently than they do.

We could simply say its riding a motorcycle thats set up to legally be ridden on paved streets and dirt but that would be lacking!

The group of guys and girls I ride with now have defined it for me. We are all different. Some ride in, others trailer, while some tow their homes with garages.

We ride out as a group. The faster riders take the lead and wait at intersections for everyone else. It is fun to take these little breaks and hear everyones laughter and stories about what just happened back there.

and there it is .... FUN

Who's rights and who's wrong, man I don't even care anymore as long as were having FUN

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