WOW, 2018 was awesome indeed! It's 2019 ... Lets Take a Ride!

This is going to be FUN!

Welcome to the show! Its about the people, the ride and most importantly the FUN along the way!

“I have always loved cinematography and photography in how it can transport ones emotions and imaginations into inspirations and adventures all of their own. I hope you can come join us this year as we take off to explore and ride in places we've never seen or in most cases never even known about!”

This video is a culmination of Year One

When I began in the Fall of 2017, I had no idea of what I would find here. I thought it was going to be about the ride, the discovery. I had no inclination it was actually about the people that I would come to know as my family.

It's officially Winter here and I'm really excited for Spring to arrive! Why? Well, this my first ever web-page, built around a blog, videos and an ongoing documentary mini series. lets do this! Lets Take a Ride!

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