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Capt'Jon's Connector

Capt'Jon's Connector

Geospatial PDF's are in essence pictures (PDF) with Latitude & Longitude embedded into the digital picture. These work exclusively (at this time) with the Avenza Map App as offline navigation in conjunction with your phones GPS. No more loading a GPX file just to figure out what it is. With these, just double click and where ever they are stored and you instantly see what it is, quickly moving through your collections. There is a small learning curve if you are using Avenza Maps for the first time but it is a very easy app to navigate. There are many free maps available on Avenza waiting for your adventures. For me I’ve found the easiest way to load these to the App is through a cloud like DropBox. Here on our .com we are giving you guys a discount for purchase over the Avenza Map App Stores pricing.


175 Miles / Originally created for an Dual Sport Adventure Touring Motorcycle Group, these tracks can be traversed by any vehicles with Off-Road capabilities. Loops have two separate tracks connecting them all together. This one, Capt'Jons is as challenging as one of our Loops. This Connector links up with LTaR Loop3, Loop4, Loop5 and 6 (there is gas & food along the way Campgrounds can be found with minor deviations from the track.). Our Loops & Tracks are NOT single track, they are legally plated county roads & service access roads. The focus is on Dirt Roads. This will vary to well groomed Mini-Van Capable Roads to Specialized 4X4 Utility Company Service Vehicle Roads. What bike to bring (can you do this on your big GS1250 Adventure Bike, your light 250 plated bike)? Having never met you, I 've no way to properly answer. The FUN is in Discovery & Adventure. Please, ride your own ride, bring a friend, one is none and two is one out there! Please visit us on our media platforms and let us know what you think of the loops, (any changes out there we should know about to alter our maps) Thanks!


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