LTaR Spring & Fall Rallies

This spring on 02 02 2020 (what a cool date) I announced that we are now hosting Open Invites to our Group Rides from one of our favorite locations to ride. 

This is a FREE EVENT 

One big loop that can't or actually should not be attempted in one day. ... Day ONE we will be riding clockwise until the group gets tired or simply choosing to peal off for camp .... Day TWO is counterclockwise. "If" we manage get to the points we left off from on day one, it should be equally nice as we'll be riding it with a different perspective.

Originally we were riding much further but this past weekend after riding some of it; I am thinking that this would be a monuments goal indeed. Now, after reworking the tracks, the Northern most portions are Bucksnort TN and the Southern stays the same going down to the Pickwick Dam area.


MARCH 27th, 28th
The 27th is our Friday Loop ... 28th is our Saturday Loop ... Kickstands up at 9AM Both Days Please be there 45 minutes early to go over the ride and take a head count ... This is more of adventure touring ride on county dirt roads with speeds ranging at 30, 35 & 40 MPH (The average posted speeds are 30 and 40). These are active roads and the locals use the center lane (The problem with that is there are no center lanes) This means there will be no Hair On Fire Groups!

Lets be safe, enjoy the ride, have FUN, Lets Take a Ride! 

Stay tuned!

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