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An Ongoing Dual Sport Mini-Series

Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding is best summed up (for me) as FUN! 


A year ago, I took off to explore and discover my own back yard. You see, here in the United States were often led to believe that going out West is where your going to find the best riding that America has to offer. I believed that, I still do in large part but somewheres along the way I realized that while focusing there, I was missing out on what I already have right here!


So, I traded in my KLR650 for a KTM1090r and set out to see what TN, KY, AL, VA, NC, SC and GA have to offer! Along the way and very quickly I found something amazing! Friends, family, its the people you ride with that makes wherever you ride the best place to ride in the whole wide world! 


This Mini-Series is simply focused on sharing the ride and sharing the FUN! So, by all means welcome, come join us on a group ride or two! We’re supporting basic helmet cams and riding what we got! Which ranges from a myriad of skill levels on KLX250’s to big 1290’s


This is gonna be FUN,

Lets Take a Ride!