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Bring Your Used Gear, It's A Rendezvous After All!

Community Rendezvous:

bring your old gear and sell it at this years meet and swap.

LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEER to organize and oversee a “Traders Table”  This Volunteer will get a free 4 Night Rally Ticket ($95 savings) and you'll have a tip jar for your services to the community. You'll set up, oversee, organize, clean up and facilitate TRADES. All three days the itinerary is the same = We all wake, go to breakfast, Riders Meeting, then go ride! Everyone is trying to get back by 5pm for the bike games and dinner. After dinner there's the fire pit, the barn, presentations, movies, Poker Hand and the Traders Table. This table would be where you volunteer (in the evenings after your ride). You & LTaR will require/take ZERO money from the sellers/traders (as long as they're part of the ADV community, they can TRADE their "STUFF" at the RENDEZVOUS!

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At our first Traders Meet & Swap we had more items than tables to handle them.

If you are bringing "STUFF" you'll be wanting to bring a lightweight camp table

to display them on (monitor your stuff & clean up after)!

My Sister-In-Law has been in Consignment Sales and has clothing racks I can bring

Bring Your Own Hangars.

FOCUS ON: Used Gear!

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