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These in our opinion are the best roads in middle TENNESSEE!


It has taken some work, so many deciding factors like, can an average rider on a 1250cc make it, to timing food, gas and cool places to explore. We've been working on something like a 5000 piece puzzle that spells FUN. Done, it's all together & ready to ride!

GeoSpatial PDF's are basically PDF pictures with geographical data baked in. These "ONLY" work on the Avenza Maps & Smartphones.

Avenza Maps has a lot to offer in free downloads of MVUM gov maps which show seasonal road closures and much, much more! Multiple downloadable maps focused on Fishing, Cycling, Offroading, Camping, Backroading, Paddling, Horse backing and again more!

Currently, we have six different loops & two connectors covering the Mid-South.

Capt'Jons CONNECTOR is challenging like a "loop", it connects Loop's 3,4,5 & 6.

Baird Man's CONNECTOR is a best paved ride between Loop's 1, 2 & 3.

What bike to bring? Depending one's skill level, any of them! However, with washouts, distances, ability to pack tools and food, the unforeseen, I would recommend the highly capable Middle Weights and go from there by bike weight to skill level.

We are keeping a playlist library on our YouTube channel as we go back to check, maintain and ride these tracks. Here's some scouting on this run of Mid-South / Tennessee / GeoSpatial PDF's

Lets Take a Ride!

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